Midi Sequencing of Keyboards and Roland Electric DrumsExtensive outboard including TC Electronics Valve Compressors.Live Room for Drum Kit, Vocals, Guitars etc...Control Room and writing area.Yamaha OS2R mixing desk.

Studio Established 1991 - Trust In Our Experience 












Apple Mac G4 Hard Disk Recording and Editing Facilities.


Some Sound Station clients since 1991 >>

Dawn of the Replicants - The Extra Room
released on 5th April 2004 - Hungry Dog Records - YRGNUAHA3

Dawn of the Replicants - Touching The Propeller
released on 23rd September 2002 - Flying Sparks Records - TDBCD067

Dawn of the Replicants - Rockefeller Centre 1932
to be released 18 November 2002 - Flying Sparks Records - TDBCDS18

80 Years Young - trumpet player Dave Young celebrates his 80th birthday with this album of 17 jazz standards.

Land Of Magic - Eleven original new songs about the Scottish Borders - written and performed by George Inglis.

The Border Boogie Band have completed two sessions @ SoundStation with an album to be released soon.

Soundstation recently recorded two tracks with two of Folk Music's finest Julie Felix and John Renborne

SoundStation Recording Studio recorded some tracks with  Rory McCleod earlier in the year.

Andrew Keddie, Frank Usher, Dottle (Soundstation Owner), Gavin Dickie, Dave Coyle and Dave Haswell recorded a track for inclusion on the Both Sides of the Tweed REAL CD.  The track penned by Keddie called There for the taking paid homage to the disenfranchised workforce of the now defunct Via Systems.

Eclectic Shock  (Allie Fox, Frank Usher, Gavin Dickie and Dave Haswell) recorded some pre-production work for Allie Fox's critically acclaimed Diving for Pearls album and Usher penned instrumental ID Locked.

Cassette Albums >> 

The Strangers
The New Sunbeams - A New Beginning
The Mansel Storme Band - Erotic Narcotic
Paul Singleton - Tenor Arias
Paul Singleton - Sings Mario Lanza
Shake The Shack - Ska Polka
Duke Street
Langholm Folk - Meeting of the Waters
Langholm Folk - Bright Blue Rose
Midnight Stroller
Doug Mann - Tweed To Tiree
Charlie & the Moonshiners - Ready For A Good Time
Western Rhythm
Spindrift - A Tribute To The Corries
Spindrift - The Gleneil Collection
St.Mary's School Choir
Pat & Ros - Wisp
Rowan Tree Company - Echoes From A Tower
Grace Lakin
The Two Of Us
Adam Raeburn
Sound Station - Tweed Aria
Dan Perry - World Music on Two Guitars

CD Albums >>

Gordon & Barbara Mooney - One For The Birds
Rowan Tree Company - Echoes From A Tower
Charlie & the Moonshiners - 100% Proof
Adam Raeburn and friends - Streets of Everywhere
Borders Big Band - Live At The Wynd
Kenny Speirs Bordersong
Ceol Meadhonach 

Demos >>  

Elliot Goldie, Jim Lauder, Lo-Yo-Yo, Charlie Gorman, Kenny Speirs, Hard Station, Sunlight, Jane Doe, Cain, Swing Brother Swing, The Hollywood Rockets, Ian Benson & Hazel Lyons, Spinning Jenny, George Winter, Brian Sheils Quintet, Chris Aschenbach, McMillan, Eye, Mallinhead, Patriot, Sense of Direction, Calmer, Dead Reckonin', Dave Murray, Jerry Fleming, Paul Capaldi, Neil Gill, En Sabah Nur, Ninth Circle, Allie Fox, Joe Lynch, Doctor Fox, Sam Stewart, Mark Haddon, Rhymer's Reel, Snazzy, Slyde, Alan Gray, Kathy Stewart, Ryan Connor, The Kevock Choir, George Inglis & Rockin' Horse, Beggar's Day, Shake The Shack, Eric Morris, Elspeth Smellie, Spiralbound, Hilary Bell, The Ambers, Stuart Roberts Jazz Band, The Velvet Skies, Coldog, Al James and Gordon Stevenson, Stuart Henry, Rainmaker, Suburbia, Doolah, Katrina Borhan, Rachel Harris (Stars In Their Eyes), Madstone, The Glowbombs, Rael, Rob Ross and Ting, Eclectic Shock, The John Wright Band, B*E*L, Foxhat, Chianti, Mooki, Tourist Information, Aidie Eaton, Clunk, Roger Simian, Tess, Bruce Dickie, Ian Lowthian, Craig Templeton, The Time Flies, Rubizakan, Al James, Mike Allen, Jimmy Lizell, Steve Moffat, The Nat Kings, Alan Oliver, Kev McKechnie, The Stick Finlays, Kreshem, IgGLu, Kreeper 

Other Projects >>

Dawn of the Replicants - four tracks for vinyl EPDawn of the Replicants - two tracks for 10" vinyl single
Dawn of the Replicants - two tracks for inclusion on debut album:
"One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs" (released by EastWest Records) 
Dawn of the Replicants - three tracks for Violent Sundays EP
Dawn of the Replicants - three tracks for Rhino Rays EP
Dawn of the Replicants - three tracks for Cheyenne Caboodle EP
Dawn of the Replicants - three tracks for Candlefire EP
(all released by EastWest Records)
Mike Heron (Incredible String Band)- four tracks for inclusion on CD album - "Conflict of Emotions"
George Inglis - live performance backing tapes
Acomarit(U.K)Ltd. - Audio English Language Proficiency Test
Trimontium Trust - Audio Guide for Trimontium Exhibition (spoken by Bill Mclaren)
B.R.C. Community Arts Service - various projects
B.R.C. Education Department - various one-act plays
Lillian Bresowski - Poetry
Judy Steel - Poetry
Borders Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapy tapes
Howard Purdie - Poetry, and Soundtracks for two full length plays:
Children of the Forest, and Goddess Moving Innerleithen
Doog Mann and the Sporran Legion - "Skinny Malinky Parlez Vous" - Scotland World Cup song - released by Lismor Records, Glasgow
Kathy Stewart - one song for inclusion on charity CD for Mainstage Music - London
Scottish Borders Council Museum Service - Audio Guides
Amberjack "Anytime Whenever" CD Album - Mixing and Mastering


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