Midi Sequencing of Keyboards and Roland Electric DrumsExtensive outboard including TC Electronics Valve Compressors.Live Room for Drum Kit, Vocals, Guitars etc...Control Room and writing area.Yamaha OS2R mixing desk.

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Apple Mac G4 Hard Disk Recording and Editing Facilities.


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Sound Station is pleased to announce the arrival of our new Apple Macintosh G4 based multitrack hard disk recording, editing and mastering facilities.
Yamaha O2R mixing desk installed in Sound Station Recording Studio Galashiels.This new equipment neatly complements our existing system of ADAT digital tape and Yamaha O2R automated digital mixing desk, with sample-accurate fully synchronized transfers between ADAT and computer allowing over 48 tracks of digital audio recording. The combination of ADAT tape and hard disk recording allows material to be backed-up easily, minimising the risk of any data loss, and protecting your valuable work.
Software includes Digital Performer, Pro-Tools, and Cubase VST, plus new digital mastering software (Bias Peak & Waves plug-ins) allowing complete control over audio editing and CD mastering with surgical precision. Additionally, the whole system can be slaved and synchronized to video - analogue or digital. Other new equipment includes two TLA 5051 Valve Mic Preamp/Compressor/EQs, a Focusrite Mic Preamp, and a rack-mount SansAmp. We now have an expanded midi system with a Roland JV-1080 synthesizer (with Orchestral expander) and Roland SPD-11 midi drum pads (in addition to our existing Roland TD-5 midi drum kit and E-mu ProCussion drum sound module). Effects processors include Lexicon MPX-1, TC Electronic M2000, Yamaha SPX990 (plus the two multi-effects processors built-in to our Yamaha O2R mixer), and we have a wide range of high quality microphones (Rode NT-2s, AKG C1000s, Bayer, Shure etc). Our friendly service and helpful attitude have not changed, and you can be sure that both you and your recordings will be treated with professional care. Please click
here to read from a feature on the studio which ran in the Southern Reporter April 2001.