Midi Sequencing of Keyboards and Roland Electric DrumsExtensive outboard including TC Electronics Valve Compressors.Live Room for Drum Kit, Vocals, Guitars etc...Control Room and writing area.Yamaha OS2R mixing desk.

Studio Established 1991 - Trust In Our Experience












Apple Mac G4 Hard Disk Recording and Editing Facilities.


SoundStation equipment list >>

Recording >>

Sound Station Recording Studio Control Room.
Apple Mac G4 Hard Disk Recording
Alesis ADAT XT (x3) - 24 track Digital Tape with BRC Remote Control
MOTU 2408 MkII


Revox 2 Track Analogue

Software >>

MOTU Digital Performer
Bias Peak
Steinberg Cubase VST
Steinberg Cubase V3.1 on Atari STE 

Mixing >>

Yamaha 02R Digital Mixing Desk
- 40 inputs with Dynamics control and 4-band Parametric EQ
- 2 built-in high quality effects units
- Total Recall Mix Automation

Outboard, TC Electronics Valve Compressors, Lexicon, Yamaha, Sansamp.... TC Electronics M2000 Multi Effects
Lexicon MPX-1 Multi Effects
Yamaha SPX990 Multi Effects
Boss SE-50 Multi Effects
SansAmp Rack mounted Guitar Preamp
TL Audio 5051 Valve Voice Processors (x2)
Focusrite Green 1 Dual Mic Pre-Amplifier
Drawmer LX-20 Compressors and DS201 Gates
Behringer Composer and Autocom Compressors
Behringer Ultrafex II Enhancer

Mastering >>

Sony PCM-R500 DAT Recorder
Panasonic SV-3700 DAT Recorder
Marantz CDR630 CD Recorder
Sony MiniDisc Recorders

Midi via Apple Mac or classic Atari.
Electronica >>

Roland XP-10 Synthesizer Keyboard
Akai S950 Sampler
Roland TD-5 Electronic Drum Kit
Emu Procussion Drum Sound Module
Roland Pad80 Octapad

Microphones >>

Rode, AKG, Sennheiser, Bayer Dynamic and Shure Microphones

Any other equipment required, can be easily hired-in.


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